ICE I18B Scrubber Dryer

Simple, Flexible, Efficient

The I18B is a brush assisted, easy-to-operate battery auto scrubber. Because of its compact design, the scrubber is perfect for small commercial settings with tight spaces. There are no belts to wear out or adjust because the I18B is built with a gear-driven brush motor. The I18B features a new noise-reducing design and uses the same high-quality parts and components that make all ICE products so efficient.

For more information visit the I.C.E I18B product page


Water and cleaning chemical is applied through the front scrubbing brush, this brush has a good pressure of 30kgs which enables good contact even on uneven floors. The liquids are vacuumed up by the wide parabolic squeegee at the rear of the scrubber dryer and collected in the recovery tank. A flexible hose is fitted to empty the recovery tank of the dirty recovered liquids, the top of the scrubber drier swings open on hinges for easy filling of clean water and cleaning chemicals.


  • One of the smallest cleaning machines of the I.C.E range
  • 450mm (18") scrubbing brush
  • Allows for a large area cleaning up to 1500 m/hr²
  • Easy to maneuver and store
  • Gear driven brush motor
  • Die-casted aluminium curved squeegee
  • Huge opening on solution tank for easy cleaning

For more information visit the I.C.E I18B product page